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Wildlife Pest Removal in Vermont

Over 25 years of discreet and professional animal removal experience.

PestPro, Inc. leads the way in nuisance wildlife removal for northwestern Vermont. Jon Quackenbush, the owner of PestPro, has over 25 years of discreet and professional animal removal experience. In addition to the animals listed below, we have experience in removing woodchucks, possums, coyotes, foxes, and more. If you don’t see the particular animal you’re dealing with listed here, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!


Skunk season is February and March, their mating season.

Skunks will spray under houses, porches, sheds, and decks.

This is done to attract mates and mark territories. To treat

these smelly critters, we trap them live in shielded two door

cages and remove them from your property.

skunk in vermont

Skunk season runs from February through March

Squirrels - Gray, Red, and Flying

Squirrels are our most commonly seen wildlife pest. They will chew access holes into attics, soffits, and eaves of buildings. Several generations of squirrels may live in one den. These animals are very destructive and can cause major damage to exterior facades. When in the attic or walls, their constant gnawing damages the structural members and electrical wires. These animals are trapped and excluded.

squirrel on fence in vt
devious squirrel plotting on tree in VT

Squirrels are our number one wildlife pest


These large rodents are very destructive to an urban environment. They will dam all moving water in their selected lodge site, often causing washouts and excessive flooding. These animals are trapped and removed.

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