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Rat & Mice Control in Vermont

Rats and mice are covered as part of our Residential Quarterly service plan.

Residential Rodent Control


Rodent control in Vermont is a year round problem. Many older homes have stone or rubble foundations which allows easy access for rodents. We tend to see a bump in activity towards late fall, as crops are harvested and temperatures start to drop. Even though Vermont is not a large metropolitan area like Boston or New York, we do have rats. In many cases rats are attracted to residential areas because of compost piles and bird feeders. Once in the yard, finding or making an access into the home is what the rat is known for.

There are many control measures for rodents — the most popular being baiting, trapping, liquid baits, and exclusion. PestPro only uses tamper resistant bait stations for the safety of our customers and pets. 

We start with a thorough inspection to determine what type of rodents we are dealing with. Travel corridors are identified to pinpoint areas for baits and traps. The final step is structural inspection. No successful rodent control program can be accomplished without determining points of rodent entry. When these are located, we can exclude rodents form re-entering the structure. This is extremely important to gain control of the pest problem. At this point we are only dealing with a limited number of rodents inside so control is very quick. Our residential rodent control comes with a 14 day follow up and 3 month guarantee included in the cost.

Commercial Rodent Control

Commercial rodent control is quite different in many ways than residential control. We service USDA, FDA, and food production facilities. These organizations and companies are required to have rodent control programs in place as preventive measures to insure food and drug quality.

Exterior bait stations and interior multi-catch traps are the standard procedure for treating rat and mice infestations. We document all findings and activity in our log book. Monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly service is recommended for treating rat and mice infestations.

house mouse in vermont

House mouse

norway rat in vermont

Norway rat

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