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Pigeon & Bird Control in Vermont

We are the region's largest pigeon and bird control company. Specializing in the exclusion of pest birds, pigeons, starlings and sparrows.

PestPro employs several methods depending on the species. Our specialty is exclusion netting. Netting has its limitations and may only be used under the right circumstances. Netting is ideal for enclosed areas like parking garages, canopies, balconies, and loading docks. We have also netted buildings’ faces that have too many architectural features, as protecting all secondary ledges would not be cost effective. Structural bird netting is the only method of excluding smaller birds from the above mentioned structures.

Our netting is available in black, white, and stone color.

Square sizes are 2” and 3/4”. Netting is made from UV

stable polyethylene in single or double twist.

Other methods of exclusion include bird spikes, spring

wire, and visual deterrents.

Call today for a property analysis and inspection!

pigeon in vermont

Accumulated pigeon droppings can become a health hazard.

We haven't seen a pigeon on the roof since the day you installed the pigeon shock track!"

-Sarah from Charlotte, VT

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