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Our Pest Control Services in Vermont 

Our services and expertise are diverse: Thermal Remediation and canine scent detection to eliminate bedbugs, wildlife and insect control, bat and bird proofing, netting exclusion, our innovative 1-way door shielded traps, and pigeon exclusion. 


We offer both residential and commercial pest control and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services.


Residential services for ants, rodents, and exterior pests. Our nuisance wildlife removal service covers all wildlife issues you may encounter in Vermont.


Commercial clients include hotels, restaurants, hospitals, universities, food production facilities, patient care organizations, property managers, AirBnB hosts, etc.

What's Pestering You?

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At PestPro, we use the most environmentally friendly and innovative products available in the pest control marketplace. We are a big proponent of IPM, which uses little or no pesticide. 


Customer service and client satisfaction has always been our priority. We provide our clients with high quality, professional service that is guaranteed. When dealing with a pest infestation, don’t take matters into your own hands — give us a call.

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