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Bed Bug Services in Vermont

Bed bug infestations are spreading across the United States at an unprecedented rate and things are getting worse.


The PestPro Thermal Remediation® Solution

PestPro, Inc. was the first company to offer Thermal Remediation®

treatments in Vermont. We also provide treatments in northern New

York. Since our introduction of this method, several other companies

have followed our lead. Be assured that when you call PestPro you

are contacting the most experienced local company in Thermal Remediation®! Heat treating is 100% effective for all bed bugs, egg to adult, and is a chemical-free bed bug treatment that is an environmentally friendly, pesticide-free process.

Thermal Remediation® Treatment is only available for our commercial customers.

This safe, effective, and eco-friendly process uses dry heat to kill the entire life

cycle of bed bugs, while reducing the application of insecticides. The Thermal

Remediation® target temperature during treatment is between 120-135°F, as

this is the temperature necessary to penetrate bed bug harborages.

thermal remediation.jpg
thermal remediation system in vermont

PestPro was the first company in Vermont with a 6 heater Thermal Remediation® system!

Why heat treatment is better than traditional pesticide applications

  1. One treatment is all it takes to kill all phases of bed bugs — egg to nymph to adult. Pesticide applications require multiple visits.

  2. It is a green, environmentally friendly treatment, as no pesticides are applied. Traditional treatments require pesticides applied to mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and all other cracks and crevices in bedrooms and infested areas.

  3. There is limited preparation required, as heat will penetrate clutter, clothing, bedding, and furniture. Pesticide treatments require extensive prep and laundering. Moreover, chemicals will not penetrate all areas that heat will.

  4. The Thermal Remediation® treated area may be re-occupied several hours after treatment. Pesticide applications usually require 24-48 hours to dry and off-gas!

  5. After the heat treatment is finished, the bed bugs are dead! This is not the case with a pesticide application, which is the reason for several applications and increased pesticide resistance.

Heat treatment is the perfect application for heavy infestations, sensitive areas, and anyone wishing to keep pesticides out of their bedroom. Our certified Thermal Remediation® staff will be glad to visit your facility to inspect and design a treatment plan. We also offer on-site training for your house keeping staff in bed bug identification and prevention.

More Questions? Check out our Bed Bugs 101 page:

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