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Residential quarterly Pest Management Service in VT

Your home is your largest investment. Protect it before you end up spending hundreds of dollars in reactive treatments.

Preventative measures save you time, money and sanity

Our Residential Quarterly Service program, a very affordable option for homeowners who would like to preventively treat their property every 3 months for unwanted pests and critters. Our treatment services ward off carpenter ants, pavement ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, bees, wasps, earwigs, and many more crawling and flying insects.

Taking care of business

To protect your home, we do two exterior applications per year, during the months of April through October, to target ants, bees, wasps, and crawling insects. We tackle the interior of your house twice a year with traps and baits for rodents and insects. During these visits, we will check the exterior for rodent activity and perform preventive applications for insects, to ensure all your bases are covered. We will also do an annual bed bug inspection, just to be sure you haven’t picked up any in your travels.

Comparing Costs

Our Residential Quarterly Service saves you time and money. Multiple one-time treatments can cost hundreds of dollars per application. Residential Quarterly Service ranges in price from $125 to $175 per quarter, depending upon the property size and pests. We will evaluate your property, both interior and exterior to determine your pest management needs.

We also provide discounted service costs if you have additional pest problems — such as unwanted wildlife, bed bugs, or cluster flies. For lake front homes, we offer a customized spider control program.

targeted exterior applications control  pavement and carpenter ants

Targeted exterior applications control

pavement and carpenter ants

Our treatments are guaranteed

We guarantee that our Residential Quarterly Service treatments will keep you pest free all year round! If one of the covered critters sneaks by our preventive measures, we’ll take care of them — at no additional charge.


Wasp nests can be found on both the exterior and interior of your home.

$25 refer a friend.jpg

Save $25 on your next quarterly service for referring a friend.


Rodent and insect traps are monitored with each visit.

Keeping you safe and sound

We take a diligent and safe approach to treating your home. We keep you and your loved ones in mind by using products that are nontoxic and environmentally friendly. In rare instances, we will use chemical applications to treat very severe cases, but we will establish a plan with you first.

The fine print

Our Residential Quarterly Service runs for 12 months, with four scheduled visits per year. After the first year it can be continued annually. We offer flexible scheduling to suit your busy life. You can be home when we’re working, or not! Whatever you prefer.

We offer similar services for commercial properties and business-owners. Feel free to contact us with questions and an estimate based on your specific needs.

Not interested in or don't need a quarterly service?

We are more than happy to address any pest issue you may have! Whether it's a one time treatment to seasonal sprays, we've got you covered. Give us a call!

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